Environmental Responsibility - Recycle | Reuse | Reduce

There are an increasing number of people who are looking to ensure they make sustainable and ethical choices. Here at Vital Outdoors, we couldn’t agree more with this approach and feel passionately about making the best buying choices in the best possible way.

Vital Outdoors aims to minimize the environmental impacts of our business. From re-using existing packaging materials, buildings, displays, racks and shelving, to incorporating used materials into our building remodels, we aim to reduce, reuse, recycle right from the start.

We have retrofitted the lighting in our stores to energy-efficient bulbs and continuously recycle everything we can, from cardboard and shrink wrap to wood pallets and plastic hangers.

We have strived to learn as much as possible about the end of life of the products we sell by consulting recycling industry experts to ensure that the products we sell can be widely recycled. We have visited a waste treatment facility to get some hands-on insight about how they operate. This allowed us to speak to them directly about the challenges they face as a business as well as what we can do to help them to recycle the products we sell more easily.

Packaging we prefer to see from the brands we buy from

We like to see all products display a symbol known as the resin code identifier. That’s the little triangle made of arrows which, usually, contains a number. This symbol explains the packaging material i.e. type of plastic.

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