PROVISION 5 Road Running Shoe Men's


Altra PROVISION 5 Road Running Shoe Men's

Retaining two favorited features and improving two not-so-favorited features, Altra introduces the Provision 5 Running Shoe, our new go-to road runner. We still get the when-we-want-it arch support: The inner mesh wrap makes our arch naturally engage, discouraging overpronation, but should our foot start to turn inward, the flexible Guide Rail fights against full collapse. The contoured footbed also stuck around to continue to provide increased sensitivity, letting us respond quicker to ground feedback.

So, what's new? The updated heel collar locks us in—no sliding, no slipping—for better Achilles alignment throughout our stride. The reworked mesh upper is now more supple and breathable, bending to our will for a softer, more nimble ride. With these two updates, we are now unstoppable, increasing our monthly mileage without even planning to.

  • Road running shoe for long training runs and every day miles
  • Slimmed down mesh upper provides increased breathability
  • 0mm drop encourages natural gait for a healthy stride
  • Moderate cushion for shock absorption and energy response balance
  • Grippy rubber provides traction on both wet and dry terrain
  • Roomy toebox allows natural toe splay for a powerful toe-off