Cleaning Tablets - 8pk


CamelBak Cleaning Tablets - 8pk

Imagine that you're pedaling along the trail on a warm sunny day and when you go to take a drink, your water has a funny taste. If you don't regularly clean your CamelBak reservoir, this could happen to you. CamelBak's Cleaning Tablets keep your hydration system fresh and clean so that your water is free of unnatural taste and odor.

  • Easy to use and very effective, the CamelBak Cleaning Tablets come in a package of eight
  • Each tablet cleans up to a 100-ounce reservoir in just five minutes
  • Simply drop one into your reservoir with 32 ounces of water and shake it until the tablet has dissolved, then scrub out the inside and rinse thoroughly with clean water
  • Taking a few minutes to clean your CamelBak reservoir will ensure fresh-tasting water every time you take a sip. Each tablet cleans up to a 100 oz reservoir Takes only 5 minutes to work Improves the longevity of your water reservoir ...